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Welcome to Mrs. Savage's First Grade Class!



Focus Lessons

This week for focus lessons we are continuing our Nonfiction Habitat Unit. We will be carrying out the research process this week while researching about the Artic! Brrrr!







This week we will begin a new unit all about Bossy R. When a vowel comes before a vowel it changes the vowel's sound! This week we will be learning about ar  and or words such as shark and door. Our sightwords are say, says, any and many!


We are connecting our writing unit to our reading unit! Students have been noticing different things that authors do in nonfiction writing. They tell real information about something they know all about. Some features they may include in their writing are headings, page numbers, a table of contents, glossaries, indexes, captions, labels and photographs. This week students will be choosing a new topic that they know all about to start new pieces! We will be having an Author Celebration on Friday, April 12th from 10:30am-11:00am. Families are invited to join! An invitation will go home in your child's folder next week!


Focus Lessons

Similar to literacy, we have a whole group focus lesson everyday followed by centers. This week we will continue our unit all about place value. We will count groups of tens and some "left over" otherwise known as the ones!


This week we will begin a new unit all about light!





Secret Reader

This week our secret readers were Isaiah's Dad, sister Natalie and brother Cole!






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